Healing For Life’s Challenges

If you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, sleep trouble, or you’re seeking support with trauma, then you’ve come to the right place. The Creative Healing Clinic is a hypnotherapy and counseling practice I created to support you by offering highly effective alternative healing practices like Depth Hypnosis, shamanic healing, meditation, and energy medicine.

We can start with whichever healing practice speaks most to you and even combine them if that feels comfortable and right to you. The foundation of my healing practice is based on supporting your self-empowerment and self-discovery in your journey to wholeness, healing, and uncovering your truest self.

Find Support For:

  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Creative blocks
  • Men’s issues
  • Depression
  • Stagnation
  • Stress
  • Sleep trouble
  • And more

There is a way through for what you’re experiencing. If you’re interested in releasing harmful patterns, coming to an internal sense of peace, creating equilibrium in your life, and realizing your own inner power, then I encourage you to reach out.

Altered States Alter Our Lives

You can begin this healing journey with any belief system. There is no need to change what you believe. The work we’ll do doesn’t necessitate new beliefs, only an open mind and an open heart, or the willingness to open.

You’ll learn to heal using natural altered states of consciousness that all of us possess.  These are powerful ways to meet your inner world and create real, lasting, and positive transformation in your life.

You will be conscious and take an active role in our sessions together. Your needs and your story will determine how we work together and what methods we will employ to serve you.

Hypnotherapy, meditation, shamanism, and energy medicine are all different and natural methods for altering consciousness so healing can occur without drugs or substances. They’re the best methods available for making needed shifts in your life and people have been using them successfully for hundreds of years if not longer.

If you’re attracted to one or more of these methods already, that’s a perfect place to begin. Please reach out for a free phone, Skype, or Zoom consultation.

Not sure this is for you? Try one of my many free, guided meditations on Insight Timer. These are not a replacement for healing sessions, but they will provide you with a feel and gentle intro to how it might be for us to work together.