Deep Sleep Meditation

WARNING: Only use this meditation if you want a full night’s deep sleep. Not made for short naps, this meditation is a rich combination of body scans, relaxation techniques, and hypnotherapy–all merging into a strong, sleep tonic for a satisfying night’s rest and a rejuvenated spirit.

This meditation is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners and can be relistened to as a nightly sleep aid.

This Deep Sleep Meditation Helps With:

  • Relaxing your body into sleep
  • Help with general sleep trouble
  • Preparing your body for rest
  • Giving your conscious mind a well-deserved rest
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Restful sleep

So, get comfy in your bed, close your eyes, and prepare for a deep, restorative, and rejuvenating sleep that will have you waking fully rested.

A further note on use: This meditation isn’t a replacement for hypnotherapy sessions that can address the psychological source of sleep trouble. Often addressing the source of the symptoms is the best way to assure long-lasting relief. If symptoms are severe, please contact a medical professional.

Michael J. Kelley, CHT
Transform your life with natural altered states. Learn how to become your own medicine and heal stress, anxiety, trauma, and more. Alternative practices have been healing people for hundreds of years. Book a session to find out how they can support you, too.

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