At this time, I offer 70-minute hypnotherapy, shamanic counseling, meditation and energy medicine sessions. Please call me at 415-375-0178 or message me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation or to inquire about setting up a session.

For teens and young people, I offer 45-minute sessions accompanied by 30-minute parent sessions.

Prices and Packages:
$160 – per session for one-time sessions
$130 – per session for returning clients
$600 – six-session package (save $360!)
$80 – per person for special healing groups
$575 – group or company talks, guided meditations, and classes

I don’t accept insurance at this time.

Medical Spending Accounts, Wellness Programs, Health Debit Cards
Check with your providers to see if alternative or holistic therapies like hypnotherapy, counseling, spiritual counseling, and/or meditation are reimbursable with your accounts and plans. If they are, I’m happy to provide receipts and invoices and whatever else you need so you may redeem funds from your accounts and plans.

I accept payment in cash or card by Square Point of Sale (great for phone sessions). I’ll accept payments via PayPal for international clients only.

Rescheduling And Cancellation Policy
I ask clients to provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule. Of course, emergencies happen, so that is understandable. However, it’s helpful to know of any changes in advance if at all possible.

If rescheduling and cancellation occurs within 48 hours, clients understand that the fee will still be due even if you’re not able to attend the session. The same policy applies to a no-show.