Explore Your Spiritual And Healing Potential Shamanically

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For hundreds of years or longer, traditional shamanic practices among indigenous cultures have helped sustain and address people’s emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. In modern times, there’s even more risk of disconnection from ourselves, the Earth, and those we hold dear in our lives.

Shamanic counseling can be a powerful tool in supporting connection, cultivating self-healing, and developing rich internal resources to address life’s challenges.

I offer clients the opportunity to learn the Shamanic Journey, a meditative, ancient technique for accessing and building a relationship with your inner wisdom and spiritual power.

Live drumming and rattling are used as sonic drivers to help you enter an altered, meditative state and begin the practice of connecting to your inner resources.

I also support clients seeking applied shamanic healing methods. Please message me or call me for further details or other inquiries.

I was trained in applied shamanic practices and techniques at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, a school for consciousness in Berkeley, CA. I studied directly with renowned Buddhist and Shamanic practitioner, Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.