Michael is very supportive and accepting. He was a pleasure to work with. The Depth Hypnosis sessions really helped me cope with a challenging circumstance and re-connect with my inner ability to heal.

-Anonymous, Berkeley, CA

I worked with Michael when I was going through a very difficult time. He provided a kind, thoughtful, and safe space in which to explore my feelings and experiences so I could better understand my reactions and make positive changes in my life. Michael works with you based on your needs, rather than employing a preconceived method that you must adhere to. I highly recommend his approach and practice.

-Ally, Seattle, WA

From my first phone conversation to set up my initial hypnotherapy session, I realized how calm and focused Michael was. He didn’t speak over you. I could tell he was truly interested in helping me. I had no expectations since I really didn’t know what hypnotherapy was. I was pleased with my results! Michael’s sessions helped me to process some deep past issues that I really didn’t recognize as a present issue but they were. Through our sessions, I was able to process these stressors. They don’t weigh on me like they used to. I actually felt physically lighter after a session. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, especially if they are dealing with past issues that just can’t seem to be resolved with traditional therapy

-Salena, Bay Area, CA

Working with Michael has been a Godsend. My sessions with him have helped me understand my fears and overcome some trauma I was going through. We definitely dove into the past, which I had subconsciously tucked away. Uncovering the details helped me face the fears and obstacles I was struggling with. Since I am living in Colorado, we did our sessions over the phone, and it was great. I was in the comfort of my own home and, most importantly while working with Michael, it was good to be relaxed. He asked a lot of questions, which lead to many “ah-ha” moments. And being hypnotized created a platform I was able to see-in details of what I had forgotten. Michael is a powerful healer, and I loved working with him.

-Judy, Denver, CO

Michael supported me in tapping into the inner child parts of myself that I have so dearly needed to pay mind and give love to. I have been in therapy my whole life and was astounded at the major shifts that occurred in just a single session. Michael’s gentle, thoughtful approach helped me move forward with more gentleness and self-compassion.

-Briana, San Francisco, CA